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We have had a very good spring 2012! First our Haiku surprised the heck out of me by earning her RN title out of Rally Novice B class going 3 for 3 with all first place blue ribbons (and consistent scores of 98/100)!

Ku finishes her RN title under Judge Mary Lou Just at the MDDTC trials in April 2012.

Then the little vixen surprised me yet again by making her debut in the breed ring in Woodland, and darned if she didn’t win Open Bitch, Winner’s Bitch, and Best of Winners for her first two CH points under breeder-judge June Smith! At only 20 months and with a lot of misbehaving in the ring, she did it!

Not the official photo– just one I took from behind the show photographer 🙂

And as if that weren’t enough to make me smile, Father Finnegan earned his GRCA Outstanding Sire title! (Click on the link for details.) Wow. I am so proud of all his pups and their breeders and their dams and their dedicated owners, I am busting my buttons!

Father Finnegan, OS

Introducing… DD’s Northwood Water Sprite TDX! Pix is by my Finnegan out of the wonderful Merry (OTCH Northwood Merry Moonsprite UDX7 OGM RE VER TDX OBHF ASCA-TD2)–and she did it in 10 minutes on Sunday, 4/15 at the ODTC Tracking Test in Livermore, CA handled perfectly no doubt by her owner and co-breeder Debi Best! Debi coached Finnegan and me back in 2004 to his TDX and we still train with her. I am so thrilled! Here is Pix taken a few weeks ago. BRAVA!

Pix in March, 2012.

Introducing… CH Flaxen Fields Faraway Four Under Par! Hogan finished his AKC championship in high style taking Winners Dog and Best of Winners on March 4, 2012 in Scottsdale AZ for a 4 or 5 point major under respected breeder-judge Judge Michael Faulkner. I am over the moon! Hogan is Finnegan’s and dam Bella’s first pup to show in conformation and first breed champion!

We will have to be patient for his official photo, but in the meantime here he is free-stacking for his handler Jean in the Winners class.

Happy Hogan’s tail rarely stops wagging!

Huge congratulations to his breeder and co-owner Sarah Wright, co-owner and groomer Suzanne Fortner, and adoring “mom” Trish Gonsalves– from his Head Cheerleader… me!

Click here for Hogan’s pedigree.

Handsome Hogan (Finn x Bella) only needs one 3-pt. major to become an AKC champion! Here he is earning 2 points in Carmel in July 2011 at just two years old.

Hogan took Best of Winners that day!

Gilly and her owner-handler Becky beaming after earning Junior Hunter legs 2 and 3!

Gilly with Becky the judge

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to a great dog, Yogi (click name for pedigree) on turning 13 years old on May 29, 2011! I have loved this dog since I first saw him in Orlando in 2002– for me he is the quintessential golden with his good looks, his athleticism and movement, his proven versatility, and most of all his temperament. Yogi’s joie de vivre is obvious to anyone who has seen him leap and was reinforced for me last fall at the National in CO when I got to hang out with him in Alison’s booth and watch him meet and greet all customers and friends. Seeing him in the veterans’ and BOB ring was a joy to all who know him, and he and Alison are much deserving of all the applause and cheers. I am blessed to have one of his kids and now a grandkid too– we wake up to their smiles every day (although the McBoinging can be dangerous at times)! So– here’s a birthday wish for you across 3,000 miles from CA to NH, Yogi: May you have many more walks in the woods with your Mom and kids and wake up every morning knowing how much you are loved and admired.  -Hugs from Suzanne, Finnegan & Haiku

Thanks to Alison for this candid shot of Yogi on a recent fun and muddy walk in the woods!

Garfield (Finn x GDB’s Devine) just graduated as a working guide dog today, May 7, 2011! He is not yet two years old.  I am so proud of these pups!

Garfield graduates!

Garfield relaxing after his big moment.

Kamdyn (Finn x Jazz) is now an AX AXJ XF and is Finnegan’s first qualifying get (of 5 needed) for his GRCA Outstanding Sire title!  Thank you, Kam and Kelley!!

Kam loves agility!

Kam’s sister Keesha (Finn x Jazz) and her breeder-owner Connie earned her OA OAJ just around her 2nd birthday! What a team!

Kee loves agility!

Hogan (Finn x Bella) & Haiku have a great time together!

Hogan (Finn x Bella) & Haiku in a downstay after swimming, Feb. 2011

The Sun Never Says

Even after all this time The sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.”

Look what happens with A love like that, It lights the Whole Sky.

Finnegan, February 2011

Happy (slightly belated) 6 month birthday to the Finnegan x Kelly Ann boys, Ferris, Pika, and Declan!  Here’s handsome Ferris doing the “Downward Dog” yoga pose.

Ferris Mueller Takes a Bow

Here is Finnegan’s greeting to all his puppies (and their humans too). May you continue to spread joy for many years to come!

Huge congratulations to Kelley and her boy Kamdyn(Finn x Jazz) for meeting their goal and earning the OA OAJ XF before the age of two! I think Kam’s nickname should be “Air Kam”– look at that clearance…. I see a MACH ahead!

High flying’ Kam!

Dove (Finn x Ticket) has earned her BN and RN both before the age of two! She is a spittin’ image of her daddy too– well, a female version :-). BRAVA Fran & Dove!

Emberain Dove of Masterpeace BN RN

Later in November, 2010: Tango (Finn x Ticket) earns his 2nd JH leg! GO, Tango & Jim!

Tango with duck

November 5, 2010: HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY to the 4-legged love of my life, Finnegan! I am at a loss for words to express how much I adore this dog. Foo– we have a fun birthday hike planned for you this afternoon– and we got you the best gift we could think of: a new best friend! We promise to take you back to Faraway as soon as Haiku has her 2nd vaccine. May you grace our lives with your special blend of affection and enthusiasm for many days and years to come! It is impossible to imagine our lives without you.

-Suzanne & Ted & Haiku

Our beautiful boy is 8 years old!

Grandma Suzanne had fun visiting Kathy and Declan(Finn x Kelly Ann) today. He is quite a handsome boy!

lovin’ on 17 week old Declan

Boomer(Finn x Scurry Repeat) and his mom Sue came north from Santa Barbara to show in the NORCAL GRC Specialty last weekend, and I got to see Boomer Man again! (He showed in the same class as his half-bro Hogan.) Here he is, towering over his daddy… Boomer is a big (and handsome)  boy — I will guess 24″ at the withers. What a delight to see them both again!

Father Foo & his Boomer Boy (Oct. 23. 2010)

Heres’ wishing the Merry Sevena HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY! On Saturday, Sept. 18th most of the litter gathered with Papa Foo and Momma Merry to celebrate. Here are just a few of the pups– hard to get all those puppies to sit-stay at once 😉

Pix, Safari, Papa Foo, Mama Merry, and Elle

Introducing Ferris Mueller(Finn x Kelly Ann) — living the Good Life on Bainbridge Island WA with Heidi, Tom, and new BFF Mica Mae. Every day is his day off!

Mica & Ferris, 18 Sept 10

…and not to be left out:  Ferris’ brother Pika is currently attending Harvard as a freshman while living at home with Claudia and Larry in MA where he will get to do rally, obedience, tracking and field work– oh and give a lot of kisses too.

Sweet Pika — practicing his downs.

Kudos to Tiffany and her talented girl Dazzle (Finn x Scurry) who earned their second JH pass on Sept. 19, 2010– at 11 months old! You two have become quite the team!

Dazzle fetches up her rosette!

WOW for Hogan! At 14 months he just earned back-to-back WD/BOWs in Vallejo and now has 8 points toward his AKC championship! Congratulations to Team Hogan: Mom Trish, breeder and co-owner Sarah, his groomer, cadie and co-owner Suzanne F., his awesome handler Jean, and of course his Grandma #2 and head cheerleader — me.

Best of Winners, Sept 18 & 19, 2010!

I am *very* proud of grandpuppy Gilly (Finn x Ticket)in Alaska who earned her first JH leg yesterday! She received compliments on her drive and marking abilities. She is 18 months old and already earned her RN and CD at 15 months old in one weekend of showing. What a gal! GO, Gilly!!

1st JH leg, July 25, 2020. (Love Gilly’s foot on Ron’s foot!)

Had a fun visit with Boomer (Finn x Scurry Repeat) and his mom Susan in July! What a handsome fellow he is turning out to be at 9 months old, with tons of energy. We didn’t get any great photos, but here’s a cute one with Boomer and Susan!

Susan & Boomer!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to the Finnegan x Bella Quartet! July 7, 2010.  I can’t believe you were ever this small! We are so proud of you all.

Stacked photos at 6 weeks old.

New life in good hands.Kelly Ann’s firstborn little girl, July 4, 2010, 3:30 a.m.

Pink Girl, just like her mom.

Watch Brewster (Finn x Bella), Future Olympic Swimmer in Training! SPLISH SPLASH 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Here’s wishing a fun and relaxing summer to all!

Verona (Finn x CCI’s Pearl), living the good life!

WAHOO!  Hogan, Flaxen Fields Faraway Four Under Par(Finn x Bella) had a great weekend showing in the breed ring on June 12-13, 2010 in Vallejo, CA! Out of the 9-12 month old puppy dog class, he went WD/Best of Winners on Saturday then Winners Dog on Sunday for a total of three points toward his CH! Then with a blown coat no less, Hogan won BOB all three days in Ferndale, CA on July 2-4, 2010 with a GROUP ONE on Sunday! 5 points toward his CH out of the 9-12 puppy dog class… how cool is that? GO TEAM HOGAN!!!

Handsome Hogan’s Group 1!

I am such a proud grandma to “Gilly” – Emberain Wild Arctic Gillyflower(Finn x Ticket) who at only 15 months old earned her RN and CD in one weekend in June 2010 — her first time out in either venue — and with some first placements too! She is headed from Alaska to Canada for some more trials, then will be in her first JH test the following weekend. GO, Gilly, and your wonderful owner-handlers Becky and Ron! Here is Gilly doing some field training– the little Red Rocket!

Young Gilly on the move during field training!

We spent a lovely if bittersweet week at Faraway in May when we spread Gemma’s ashes in all her favorite places. It was Finn’s first time back without her, but he had my sister-in-law’s two Norwich terriers for welcome company.

Foo with Norwich terriers Candy and Barley, helping to unload the firewood

“Hey! That’s supposed to go on the woodpile!”

Foo waiting patiently in the river for his bumper to be thrown

swimming in the pond glowing green from the reflected hillside

Finn running through the area at Faraway now known as “Gemma’s Meadow” where her spirit lingers…. The whitethorn were in bloom, and in the background standing sentinel is one of the largest and oldest coastal redwoods in the area. (May 2010)

Riley (Finn x Merry) at only 7 months old is now a certified PAWS for Reading dog! A wild child when “off-duty,” Riley can stay calmly for an hour at a time while a child reads to him. What a guy! Thanks, Darylen!

Riley really likes this story!

WOOT WOOT to novice owner-handler Chelly Quinn DVM in TX and her boy Cooper, Flaxen Fields Flew the Coop Faraway TDwho earned the tracking dog title on his first attempt at only 9 months old on May 2, 2010! Little “Orange Boy” is growing up and turning into a talented and handsome golden retriever. Now it is on to SAR and TDX for Coop! (Cooper is Hogan’s brother, one of the Finnegan x Bella Quartet.)

Cooper & Chelly with the judges and tracklayer in Tulsa, OK.

On the weekend of April 24/25, Hogan (Finn x Bella) showed in the conformation ring with a pro handler for the first time! He is 9 months old and was entered in the 9-12 month puppy dog class. On Saturday he looked gorgeous but had a lot of puppy exuberance and wanted to frolic with the other dogs! Click here for a little video I uploaded to YouTubeof him in the ring. Apparently he caught on because on Sunday he went Reserve Winners Dog! Here is Hogan just hanging out afterwards, and with his breeder Sarah. (Hogan went RWD for a second time the following weekend– GO Hogan!)

Happy Hogan at 9 months old

Hogan and his proud breeder Sarah

Today — April 17, 2010 — is a very bittersweet day for my dear friend Christine and me. Littermates Cooper and Gemma — our first goldens — would have turned 13 today. Their gifts to us were many great years of companionship –and a wonderful friendship. Here they are at their 11th birthday party/hike. Romp well together at the Rainbow Bridge, Coop & Gem! We miss you….

Cooper & Gemma amidst the purple lupine (April 17, 2008)

On March 26th, Foo and I met Michelle at Sunol Regional Park on a stunning spring day for some fun field training and swimming with Finn’s daughter Safari(x Merry), 6 months old, and her “bro” Cedar.  We all had a blast! Safari is training in tracking, agility, obedience, and probably field as well. Plus Michelle predicts she will be a dock diver. 🙂

Finnegan, Safari, & Cedar

Watch a little video of Safari learning to swim! Her daddy Finn beats her bro Cedar to the bumper, and Safari tries SO hard to keep up!

darling Safari and her solid sit stay

In March, 2010, Hogan, Flaxen Fields Faraway Four Under Par was in a conformation Fun Match and did well with a Group 1 — despite being a bouncy, sniffy, goofy golden boy (8 months old)! What sweetheart he is– and what a stunning dog he is turning into. We all have high hopes for him!

Grandma Suzanne with Hogan

Hogie with his mom Trish

In mid-March I got to spend some time with Dazzle(Finn x Scurry repeat litter, age 4.5 months) and she is well… dazzling! What an enthusiastic retriever and a beautiful little girl — at the age when many golden pups decidedly do NOT look their best!  It was super meeting her lovely owner Tiffany too. Papa Finn got to retrieve some bumpers with his daughter. She is a delight!

Wet Papa & Daughter Dazzle after bumpers!

Dazzle & Christine, both “blowing in the wind”

Updated collage

Valor(Finnegan x CCI’s Pearl) graduated on Jan. 22, 2010 in Santa Rosa, California as a CCI Hearing Dog for retired physician Harlan. He is a sweet, handsome, and smart boy who will alert Harlan to sounds like telephones, alarms, doorbells and knocks, smoke alarm, and many more– then he will lead Harlan to the source of the sounds. He will protect Harlan at home and out in the world. He will be his ears, his 24 hour companion and friend. I am so proud of Valor! Harlan and his wife better be prepared for a LOT of attention as Valor is a stunning boy! These photos really don’t do him justice.

Valor, quite serious when in harness

Valor with Harlan and Sue

Proud Grandma Suzanne & Valor


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