Finn daughter Fling! Retrieving Her Bumper. May 2009.

Finnegan Riding the Rapids on the Mattole River. May 2009.

One of Foo’s “Bounce Catches”Faraway, March 2009.

Ted Chases Gemma (while Finn frolics). January 2009.

Finn and his Bowling Pin Woobie — an almost daily ritual (sometimes he dozes off in the middle of it….)

Three of the Finn/Ticket pups at almost 6 weeks old, Romping Outside! March 2009.

…and Part II: Wild Kingdom! March 2009.

The Finn x Ticket Pups at 10 days old– Enthusiastic Eaters? February 2009.

Finnegan Fetches Up a Log! Fall 2008.

Finn x Scurry Pup, reacting to The Singing Toy as part of her temperament testing. October 2008.

Gem & Finn on Samoa Island, near Eureka, CA — retrieving a bumper! September 2008.

Foo and his tough retrieve — in raging Root Creek! September 2008.

Finnegan at the Beach: Finn retrieving his bumper in the surf at Samoa Beach, Eureka, CA. Fall 2008.

A “Goof of Goldens” — Finn x Ryka pups romping at 7 weeks old. Fall 2007.

Fierce Faces! — Gem & Finn wrestling. Almost everyday.

Rock ‘n Roll Gemma! Gem going for rocks in Root Creek, near Castle Crags. May 2008.

Finnegan on a roll! — Goofy boy rolls on his ball in the field at Faraway. April 2008.

Finn doing some obedience heeling and figure 8— just doodling! March 2008.



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