Ku’s Haiku

Haiku (HI koo) is a 17th c. form of Japanese lyrical poetry, traditionally about the Natural World. I have loved writing Haiku since I was a girl, and so it seemed appropriate to name our new golden pup thus. Haiku in English traditionally contains three lines, 17 syllables, usually in a 5-7-5 pattern.

On this page I will include those I write about our girlie who I know will bring us great joy and much inspiration for many years to come!

Haiku, aka Yellow Girl, at not quite 4 weeks


Joy, a silly pup
Spinning in circles after
Her tail:  built-in toy.
*     *     *
When you leap straight up
Into the air for no reason,
I laugh out loud!
*     *     *
Barreling down the stairs,
Mr. Hedgehog in mouth, you learn
About gravity
*     *     *
The stuff you carry!
Proudly, bigger than you are
Broken downspouts, brooms
*     *     *
You even feel the
Need to relocate your bowl,
Food everywhere
*     *     *
Ku hops on her Pops!
Foo, patient as the full moon
Beams in her young glow

Haiku at 6.5 months old, Feb. 2011

Like the sun, you are
Either up or down, warming
Our hearts every day

*     *     *



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ronnie Harmon
    May 19, 2011 @ 14:35:40

    Lovely haikus!


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