Haiku 6-9 Months

It is hard to believe how fast Haiku seems to be growing up! Here is our girlie at 6 months.

stacked Ku at 6 months old

She is blossoming into a lovely girl but still a rascal!

looking intently at something

Ku earned her off-leash privileges because of a fairly good recall for her February visit at Faraway.

frolicking at Faraway!

Sitting in the meadow, February 2011

FooKu retrieve the bumper in tandem

But she can also do it by herself!

bringing back the bumper from across the pond

Ku has gotten to go pheasant hunting with her half-sister Promise twice– and loves it!

Promise, Finnegan, and Haiku on her first pheasant hunt at 4 months...

Missy tolerates help bringing her pheasant, March 2011

Haiku loves all her toys, but none more than her green eggs– what a ham!

Dr. Seuss is smiling!

Haiku turns 7 months old on March 24, 2011.

7 month head shot

Hanging out in her favorite chair after our training session

In the yard at Faraway at 7 months old.

Head shot, April 6, 2011.


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