Haiku 1-2 Years

On August 24, 2011, Haiku somehow managed to turn a year old! Now how did that happen? I must have blinked. Our little rascal who likes to leap into people’s laps (generally uninvited), steal socks, and eat flowers, is now a Big Girl. A few days after her birthday she went to her first Obedience Fun Match and did a good job at Beginner’s Novice OB. Then during play time she managed to steal everyone else’s bumper and try to fit two in her mouth at a time.

She is now over 22″ and 62 pounds and has earned the right to sleep on our bed with her Father Foo. Ku has also passed her cardiac clearance! And yes, she has managed to hurl herself into our hearts….

Posing nicely for her 1st birthday photo.

Wearing her birthday hat with Father Foo, & pals Libby and her daughter Elsie after a training session with friend Ann!


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