Finnegan (Foo) and Haiku (Ku) are more than father and daughter– they are best buddies! When she first came to live with us at 8 weeks, Finn didn’t want to have anything to do with her. If she even looked at him he turned his head, then later when she tried to play with him, he would just walk away. Once he started sleeping next to her x-pen we saw the light gone on: “She’s here to stay? OK. Cool!” Ever since then it has been non-stop WWF wrestling matches, chases, tugs, and cuddles.  When I take him out solo he looks for her the minute we get home, and if she cries out in her dreams he gets worried. It is truly lovely to see– especially since Foo has been so lonely since Gemma left us. Our family is complete again!

"Is she here to stay" Foo asks? "Let me outta here!" says Ku!

Uh. You may want to reconsider, Ku!

First tug!!

More tuggin' on the deck!

Up close and personal now.


First funny fierce faces!


Favored tug toy from Auntie Christine

I should have named her Faraway's Hops on Pops

First sit-stay pose together

after a play session on the Faraway stairs with the Blue Ball

on the deck at Faraway, Nov 20, 2010

evening wrestling match, Nov 26, 2010

Spooning at Faraway, Nov 2010

FooKu had a wonderful time time on the beach near Trinidad Head in far Northern California in January 2011. The stopped romping long enough to pose for me in the setting sun.

Ku and Foo posing in front of a huge driftwood stump as the sun sets

Playtime! February 2011.

Ku with Foo's bumper: "Catch me if you can!"

FooKu on the front porch at Faraway, April 2011.

Nice sit-stays

Sometimes they just like to hang out together and relax.

on the deck at Faraway, May 2011

Finnegan and Haiku sure love being at Faraway together! Ku is just a year old here.

September 15, 2011



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  1. Melinna
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 06:02:42

    OMG…so very very cute. Read about you as we search for our next “baby”….not sure if going the puppy route would work for us but they are so wonderful to admire.


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