Introducing “Haiku”

On October 22, 2010 our new little girl joined the family, Faraway’s Seventeen Sillybles “Haiku” (click name for pedigree)! She is by Finnegan out of Yaqui’s Holly, and is an 8 week old, 14 pound bundle of smiles and joy. Haiku had a great start at Bergin University of Canine Studies where she was exposed to bio-sensor stimulation, early socialization, frequent car rides, and early puppy training. As a result, she is a confident little golden girl!

Haiku’s First Collage

Haiku is first and foremost our companion and new buddy for her Poppa Finn who has been lonely since Gemma went to the Rainbow Bridge. I also hope to do lots of fun stuff with her, from tracking to field work, agility, rally and obedience, as well as training to be a therapy dog. My most heartfelt thanks go to Molly Morelli, Dr. Bonnie Bergin, and the students who worked with this litter at Bergin University of Canine Studies (the Assistance Dog Insititute) for your care, expertise, and generosity in letting one of your future service dogs come home with us. And to Holly of course– what a wonderful Momma you are!

She is already bringing smiles back to our faces and healing our hearts….

having a new pup is a balancing act

Ku on the Clifford Slide

Mom is making funny quacking sounds

she proudly carries her toys

Partied hard; time to crash.

Here is a short video lesson from Haiku on How To Steal A Toy From Your Littermate.

Here Ku learns about stairs… and gravity.

First Haiku

How your puppy breath
Intoxicates, Innocence
Warms my aching heart.

See more Haiku HERE!

What does a “Ku Ku ka Chew” golden girl get for her 9 week birthday? A purple tennis ball and her first bully stick of course! (Thanks for that nickname, Sarah :-).

in the yard on her 9 week b’day

Who’s who? Which 9 weeks old pup is Ku and which is Father Foo at the same age? On the GR rug in the kitchen.

Is it Foo in January of 2003?

…or is it Ku in 2010?

After a week of not being sure WHAT he thought of Piranha Puppy, Father Foo has finally come around– playing Tug, Bitey-Face, and Exchange the Blue Ball games with Ku!  The latter brought tears to my eyes as that is the game Finn and Gemma played together for their entire lives.


HAPPY 11th Week Birthday to Ku! You’ve been with us for only three weeks, and already we cannot imagine our lives without you!

Ku, just hanging out looking cute

Father Finnegan is so incredibly tolerant and patient! He initiates play more than half the time, and doesn’t seem to mind his “suckle sessions” interrupted. I should have named her Faraway’s Hops on Pops!

“Let’s PLAY, Poppa!”

Three stacked photos of Haiku, at 7 weeks, 8 weeks. and 11 weeks old.

7 weeks old

8 weeks old

11 weeks old

I can’t believe Ku is 14 weeks old already! And 26 pounds of trouble.

November 30, 2010

Papa Foo & Rascal Ku on her 15th week birthday (7 Dec 10)

Ku and the Water Video. Pals Christine & Don & I introduced 15 week old Haiku to the water last week at a pond. She spent most of her time trying to avoid getting run over as young boys Thistle and Ronan were having a wild time! At one point she launched herself out into the water, not realizing that it isn’t a solid surface…. Don was only able to capture the aftermath as it happened so fast! Thereafter she was a bit more careful… I predict she will become a Water Dog just like her daddy!

Ku just hanging out on the sofa, practicing to be a Diva (8 Dec 10)

Christmas Ku

Haiku turns 5 months old! How did that happen??

January 11, 1011

…and she and her Papa Foo are still the best of friends.

Relaxing in the “Day Spa” together

Haiku is now officially a “Faraway” dog! She swims in the pond and the river, bounds through the meadow, and carries sticks on our hikes. And oh yeah she steals Father Foo’s bumper too.

Ku retrieves a stick in the Mattole River, Jan. 2011.

Posing for me in the meadow at 5 1/2 months old.

Ku on Feb. 23, 2011 at 6 months

Here are photos of Haiku at 6-9 Months.


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heidi
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 11:07:04

    Finnegan is dad
    and look at those perky ears
    Ferris’ half sister?


  2. Darylen
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 14:01:02

    I have tears of joy for you. I sincerely understand how special she is to you and to be able to have one of Finn’s pups is just an added piece of heaven.
    I will stay tuned.
    Love, Darylen


  3. Darylen
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 14:14:41

    Hey, Riley has a new half sister. xoxoxo


  4. Marie & Pat
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 14:22:45

    While she’ll never replace Gemma, she will fill your heart with such joy and it will remind you of when Gemma was here with you.

    Enjoy Haiku every day!!!



  5. Katie and Paula and Larissa
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 14:47:27

    We are so happy for you! Haiku looks like a bundle of joy and love.
    Congratulations on your new family member.


  6. Merry
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 15:27:17

    Oh, there’s nothing like puppy breath and puppy paws and puppy kisses! Foo will warm to her. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Love the name. 🙂


  7. Chelly Quinn
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 17:01:38

    What a sweet, sweet face with mischief hiding behind those eyes! Congrats, enjoy the fun and funny days!


  8. Tiffany Taylor
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 18:06:47

    Congratulations on your new pup, Suzanne! She looks like a keeper, and I love her name. Enjoy her, and give her hugs from me and Dazzle :o)


  9. Elizabeth
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 20:41:52

    Oh, BIG golden welcome, young Haiku –
    what a GReat family for you

    Lovely pictures, Suzanne, and I particularly enjoyed the sleepy girl frame, there is nothing as sweet as a quiet moment at 8wks, and the soft, puppy-belly = stretched position….
    BIG smile of JOY here –


  10. Cynthia
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 09:09:37

    Ohhhhh Suzanne! Your Gamma and my Dannie-Gurl both set out for the Bridge around the same time this past year. Over the years, your pictures and stories of Gemma convinced me that she and Dannie-Gurl sprang from the same fleck of gold floating around in the universe. May little Miss Haiku have some gold dust from the same fleck on her!



    • suzbria
      Oct 25, 2010 @ 09:50:54

      Oh Cynthia– what a lovely thought! I am convinced it’s true. Thank you for making me smile today!


  11. Williss
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 09:18:35

    I am so delighted that you have the joy of a new Golden. Welcome, Haiku!



  12. Fran Masters
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 18:07:17

    What a beautiful baby! May she bring you as much joy as Dove is bringing to me. Will soon be sending you video of Dove and Pika’s first meeting. Congratulations and best wishes to you.

    Fran and Dove


  13. Brenda Kenchington
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 09:58:01

    What a joy to see Ku has arrived. You know how I feel about Finn and Ku has found a place in my heart as well. I will watch your website for updates and enjoy her from afar in Canada. Have a cuddle for me! Brenda and all her golden fluff Tizzy, Blaze, Jazz and Baby Blu!


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