Finn x Merry

Finn x Merry

Finn bred OTCH Northwood Merry Moonsprite UDX4 OM5 VER RE TDX ASCA-TD(2) in early July, and on September 13, 2009 Merry whelped 7 pups, 5F & 2Ms. Merry is a second generation Obedience Trial Champion with amazing focus. We expected and got good-looking, compact, agile, athletic puppies with strong pigment, correct coats, good balance and toplines — extremely trainable in multiple venues. They should also have excellent field potential with Bart as their grandfather. And with Merry and Finnegan both being TDX dogs, Merry’s dam Sprite a CT and Finn’s sire Yogi just earning his Champion Tracker at age 11 (both on first attempts)  — these pups should be super trackers! One thing is for certain: they are sure to be “cuddle bugs” like their parents!

The Kiss

Day 9

Merry nursing her Sweet Seven on Day 16

Day 16

"Big Blue" loves his water bottle

"Big Blue" loves his water bottle...

Merry’s breeder/owner kept Pink Girl while the other pups all went to their new homes in the Bay Area — except Ms. Red who flew home to Washington near Seattle to be with her new owner-handler and will be trained in obedience. Here are the puppies stacked at 6 weeks old and some older pictures in their new homes.

Pink Girl, now known as “Pix”

Pix at 14 weeks old, ready for some tracking!

Purple Girl, now called "Autumn"

Autumn's first trip to the beach!

Red Girl, now called "Elle"

Elizabeth and Elle

Elle's formal portrait at 12 weeks old

Yellow Girl, named "Safari"

Michelle and Safari

Chartreuse Girl, named "Daisy"

Daisy getting comfortable

Orange Boy, now called "Quincy"

Quincy just hanging out

Blue Boy, known as Riley!

At 6 weeks old, the image of his daddy Finnegan

Riley at 14 weeks old-- he loves tracking too!

Stay tuned for more photos of the Merry Seven!


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