Finn x Kelly Ann

The Finnegan x Kelly Ann4th of July Quintet” were born on July 4, 2010: 3 boys and 2 girls weighing in from 14 to 18 oz. My most heartfelt thanks go to dear friend Christine who stayed up all night bringing these pups into the world, and tried in vain to save the two who didn’t make it — but was able to save Kelly Ann from an emergency C-section.

The “Firecracker Five” are growing leaps and bounds! Here are some photos:

Shortly after all the pups were whelped! Kelly Ann is already a good momma.

New life in good hands. First born Pink Girl.

Kelly cleans up Gold Boy

15 day old snoozers.


Here’s a little video of the puppies beginning to interact and play at 2 1/2 weeks old.

Five Fat Puppy Tails. The Quintet at 3.5 weeks old weigh in between 4 lbs 13 oz and 5 lbs 15 oz!

July 27, 2010.

26 Day “Puppy Portraits.”

Watch the SMACKDOWN video. Girls rule & boys drool!

I was not able to see the pups from 3 1/2 to 8 weeks, but now two of them, Ferris (Gold Boy) and Pika (Blue Boy), are in their new homes! Ferris has gone to live with our dear friends Heidi and Tom Mueller and their Berner-Lab mix Mica on Bainbridge Island, WA and is now known as “Ferris Mueller” :-). May every day be his “Day Off”!

Heidi with Ferris on Aug. 29, 2010-- the First Day of His Wonderful New Life!

Here is Ferris again, at home on Bainbridge Island — doing what he does best — and in a position we see his Father Foo do every night! :-).

Ferris in his playpen, all 16 pounds of him!

Ferris with his BFF Mica Mae

Ferris with his doting Grandma Suz

At 15 weeks old, his Big Dog face begins to emerge

Ferris Mueller is growing up! Almost 7 months old in Feb 2011.

Ferris certainly is growing into a dead-ringer for his Papa Finnegan!

on the Sequana dock at 11 months old

Introducing Pika! This handsome dude has gone to live in Cambridge MA (and attend Harvard University) with his new mom and dad Claudia and Larry. He will get to train in rally, obedience, tracking, field work — and most of all just have fun and be adored by his family and legion of fans.

Larry, Claudia, Pika, & Father Foo, Aug. 29, 2010

Precious Pika, already a water dog!

Pika at 12 Weeks

6 month old Pika on a snow walkie

Greenie has also gone to his new home ! Now known as Declan, this handsome pup lives with Kathy and family and gets to go to work with mom during the day.

Declan at 12 weeks old

Grandma Suzanne lovin' on Declan!

Kathy with 17 week old Declan

Declan at 6 months old

Declan and his half-sister Haiku show off their similar profiles after a wrestling match.

March 2011


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