Finn x Misty

At the end of September 2010, Finnegan bred Yaqui’s Misty River CGC (here is a pedigree for this outcross). Misty is a lovely, substantial, mellow girl from Canadian and English lines combined with some well-known American lines. Misty evokes comments of “beautiful dog”; she travels well, is not particular about food, wants to please, has no allergies, and is very affectionate. The breeder is hoping for a litter of well-rounded, healthy, easy to train pups with solid golden temperaments, some of whom may be suited for obedience, conformation, or service assistance. However, his main desire is to breed to the GRCA standard producing devoted companions for loving and responsible golden homes. (Click the photos below for larger versions.)

UDATE: Misty whelped 7 pups, 3 M and 4 F on Nov, 30th– all the pups are now in their new homes!

The Finn x Misty Pups at their 8 week evaluations (thanks, Debbie Berry!)

a Misty collage

Misty's lovely profile

Finnegan and Misty

Although this is her first litter, Misty proved quickly to be an easy whelper and a stellar dam!

with her newborn

Misty's 3 day old puppies

The Finn x Misty Seven on Day 7

3 of the Misty 7 on Day 9

Some of the pups on Day 15. Eyes have opened!

Let the games begin!

4 week old pups in action!


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  1. Nancy Nicholson
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 13:01:21

    One of Misty’s first seven just moved in around the corner. The little orange-collared girl doesn’t have a name yet, but we are very happy to welcome her to the neighborhood.


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