Check back here for updates on future breedings — or for more information please contact Suzanne at


Current Breeding: Finn has been bred to Kensington’s Flower Power in the first week of June 2014. Here is the test breeding. Daisy is a pretty, lively, and confident girl with a lovely conformation and a great temperament. Anyone interested in a puppy can contact me to be put in touch with the breeder. (You can click on images for larger versions.)

Pupdate: Daisy’s seven healthy pups arrived on August 2, 2014 — 6 males and one female!

Lovely Daisy

Lovely Daisy

Chunky Monkeys at 2 weeks old

Chunky Monkeys at 2 weeks old

Ready to rumble!

Ready to rumble!

Recent Breeding: In November 2013, Finnegan was bred to Wild Mtn She’s Something Else CDX BN MX MXJ WC CGC! Here is the test pedigree. Like Finn, Elsie is from a stellar line of conformation CHs and high level performance dogs; her dam and granddam are OTCHs (Obedience Trial Champions) among many other titles. Elsie is a real spitfire with loads of drive and enthusiasm for any game, from obedience to field to agility to lure coursing! She has tracking in her future too. Elsie has a lovely forechest, athletic, correct structure, and beautiful wash & wear coat. She is sassy and full of energy! Ann and I believe pups from such a breeding will be able to do it all– and look beautiful doing it! 

PUPDATE: On January 13, Elsie whelped eight beautiful healthy pups, 6 girls and 2 boys!  (This is Finnegan’s 20th litter!) The pups are all happily ensconced in their new homes, except for breeder Ann Brown’s “keeper” pup Pink Girl. now named Wild Mtn Foolish Hallelujah, “Hallie! Stay tuned for pix!


Momma Elsie with her 4 day old pups!

Elsie & Finnegan: already pals; soon to be more!

Lovebirds Elsie & Finnegan

Elsie Agility Weaves

Elsie is a fantastic agility dog and will be a MACH before long!

Recent Breeding:  Finnegan x Peach have done a repeat breeding at the beginning of October 2013. Yaqui’s Peach is a cute, reddish-gold girl with a solid structure and lovely forechest. Peach has a more reserved, mellow personality but loves to retrieve and go hiking! Her pedigree includes some excellent dogs like Matt, Clipper, and Radar. The first breeding produced 7 attractive and smart pups (see below).

Pupdate: Peach easily whelped 8 lovely healthy pups on Dec. 6, 2013 — 4 males and 4 females! All the pups are in their new homes– stay tuned for pix!

Finnegan and Peach

Finnegan and Peach

Pretty ball-crazy Peach!

Pretty ball-crazy Peach!

Past Litter:  Finnegan x Peach. In mid-February 2013, Finn bred Yaqui’s Peach, a cute, reddish-gold girl with a solid structure and lovely forechest. Peach has a more reserved, mellow personality but loves to retrieve! Her pedigree includes some excellent dogs like Matt, Clipper, and Radar. PUPDATE: Peach whelped 7 healthy pups, 6 M and 1 F, on April 15th! All the pups are now in their new homes. Stay tuned for pix and updates!


Beautiful head on this boy!

photo 3

Almost 4 week old Peach Pits testing out their sturdy little legs.

photo 1

Fighting for space at the milk bar at three weeks old!


Precious new born life!


Momma Peach and her 7 newborn “peach pits.” First time Mom looks a bit surprised!

Past Litter: In June 2011 Finnegan and Autumnglen’s Sierra Aspen Gold CCA were bred (click name for pedigree). Sierra is a lovely, substantial blonde bitch with a confident, outgoing temperament. We hope for pups who will be equally well-suited as loving companions, therapy dogs, performance and conformation golden retrievers.

PUPDATE: Sierra whelped 7 puppies on August 28th– 4 males and 3 females! Check out their webpage.

Sierra’s lovely head and expression

Happy girl!

Past Litter: A long time in the planning, in mid-May 2011 we bred Finnegan & Izzy, CH Kate’s Iz A Dreamkeeper (click name for pedigree). We expected this line-breeding on Yogi to produce great-looking, very typey, high energy, confident pups who can do it all! PUPDATE: Izzy whelped 11 pups on July 13, 7 females and 4 males!  They are all in their new homes now. Click here to visit their webpage.

Izzy finishes her Am CH with a major BOS

Izzy with her 12 day old pups– all eleven!

Past Litter: We are very happy about a repeat breeding between Finnegan x Flaxen Fields Bella CCA in April 2011!  The first breeding produced Cooper (who earned his TD at 9 months and is close to completing his SAR training), Brewster (who is doing a super job in obedience training), Hogan (who is minored out plus one major toward his AKC championship including a Group 1), and Ursa (a sweet and stunning girl who is living the good life in Mt. Shasta, swimming and leaping off rocks) — four beautiful and delightful pups who are exceeding our expectations. You can go to the Quartet‘s webpage by clicking on the word or the photos — and also check out What’s New?  PUPDATE: Bella whelped 4 males and 3 females on Sunday, June 26th, the “Lucky Seven”! All the pups are now in their forever homes, and the litter has its own webpage!

4 Bellitos and 3 Bellitas on Day One

Bella Bella!

Papa Finnegan, Sarah holding Hogan (from the first litter), and Momma Bella

Past Litter: At the end of September 2010, Finnegan bred Yaqui’s Misty River CGC (here is the pedigree for this outcross). Misty is a lovely, substantial, mellow girl from Canadian and English lines combined with some well-known American lines. Her owner/breeder says: “Misty evokes comments of beautiful dog; she travels well, is not particular about food, wants to please, has no allergies, and is very affectionate.” He is “hoping for a litter of well-rounded, healthy, easy to train pups with solid golden temperaments, some of whom may be suited for  obedience, conformation, assistance, or hunting dog work.” However,  his “main desire is to breed to the AKC standard producing devoted companions for loving and responsible golden homes.” (Click the photos below for larger versions.) UDATE: Misty whelped 7 pups, 3 M and 4 F on Nov, 30th and all the pups are now in their new homes.

Visit the Visit the Finn x Misty webpage! Past Litter: Finn bred Yaqui’s Holly for the Assistance Dog Institute/Bergin University in June 2010. Holly is a good-looking, laid-back golden with a solid structure and a willing temperament. Her pedigree is a highly outcrossed combination of American conformation and field lines with English, Canadian, and Australian CH lines. We hope this breeding will produce some future service dogs! Holly whelped 6 pups via C-section just after midnight on August 24, 2010 — 3 M and 3 F, all weighing in over a pound and all healthy. Welcome to the “D” litter. Visit their own page HERE.   One of the pups, “Haiku” has stayed with us!

Sweet Holly

Holly stacked (out of coat)

first moments

Past Litter: Finnegan x Annie (click for pedigree). Finn and Woodecoy’s When Pigs Fly CGC were bred in early August 2010. Annie is an attractive, high energy girl with a very interesting pedigree of English and American lines, including some great dogs behind her like Whirlie. Her breeder Danette Weich DVM is hoping for pups with strong field and conformation potential and will be seeking good working homes, preferably multi-purpose, as well as active companion homes.Contact Dr. Weich at and visit the Woodecoy Golden Retrievers website for more information about this breeding. (Click on photo collage for larger version.) Annie whelped two healthy boys on October 9, 2010 — and was instantly a great momma! Go HERE for their own page with photos.

Annie’s collage

Past Litter: Finnegan and Wild Mtn Kelly Ann Has It All CD RE CGC CCA were bred in April (click on name for the test breeding pedigree), and on July 4th, 2010 Kelly Ann whelped 5 healthy pups, 3 M and 2 F.  See photos of the pups on their own page HERE.

First group photo op

Kelly Ann is a pretty blonde golden with nice structure and a natural joie de vivre! She was bred by Ann Brown of Wild Mountain Goldens out of her wonderful OTCH Libby by Smithaven’s CH Tyler. With multiple champions in tracking, obedience, and the breed ring on both sides of the pedigree, we expect nice-looking pups who will be good multi-purpose prospects.

Lovely Kelly Ann

Past Litter: Scurry, Sandpoint Coast Two Coast FDM NA NAJ came back to us for a repeat breeding in August 2009. We love having her visit (especially Finn)! Her singleton Fling!, born in 2008, is a well-balanced, agile, dynamic, promising girl, and we hope for more pups just like her. Scurry has a lovely structure and an endearing temperament, both of which she passed on to her daughter. She is a Flyball Master dog and has tons of drive– especially for those tennis balls!  Scurry whelped 4 pups on Oct. 13, 2009 — 3 males and 1 female. The pups were conformation, temperament- and bird-tested (thanks, Glenda B.!) in early December, and all have gone to great homes. Click on their collage to go to their page: Finn & Scurry Repeat Litter pups at 8 weeks old

Scurry after a bath, June 2008

Past Litter: Finn x Merry. Finn bred OTCH Northwood Merry Moonsprite UDX4 OM5 VER RE TDX ASCA-TD(2) in early July, and on September 13, 2009 Merry whelped 7 pups, 5F & 2Ms. Merry is a second generation Obedience Trial Champion with amazing focus. We expected and got nice-looking, compact, agile, athletic puppies with dark pigment, correct coats, good balance and toplines — extremely trainable in multiple venues. They should also have strong field potential with Bart as their grandfather. And with Merry and Finnegan both being TDX dogs, Merry’s dam Sprite a CT and Finn’s sire Yogi just earning his Champion Tracker at age 11 (both on first attempts)  — these pups should be excellent trackers. One thing is for certain: they are sure to be “cuddle bugs” like their parents! Click on their photo to go to their own puppy page.

Merry (6 weeks pregnant) and Finnegan, Aug. 20, 2009.

Past Litter: Finn  x Bella. Finnegan bred Flaxen Fields Bellathe first week of May 2009. Bella is a lovely Tyler daughter with lots of bone, beautiful head, correct lush coat, and a substantial, balanced structure. She also has an ideal golden temperament with a great sense of humor! On July 7th, Bella whelped 4 healthy and beautiful puppies — 1 female and 3 males. Dam and pups are doing well! All the pups have now gone to excellent show/working (given priority) and companion homes. Click the photo below to go to their own puppy page.


The Bella Quartet

Past Litter: Ticket and Finn. MACH Emberain E Ticket Ride MH WCX *** OD whelped 9 healthy, noisy pups — 5 girls and 4 boys — on Feb. 3, 2009. We expected — and got  — good-looking, high energy, multi-talented pups!

pre-nup pose

Past Litter: Finn x Jazz

The Jazzy Seven, shortly after whelping

Past Litter: Finn x Scurry. Click Fling’s photo collage for a larger version and to go to her own page!

Flingamajig collage


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