Faraway Images

We have spent many wonderful days at Faraway over the years, none better than after we “discovered” goldens. Here are just some of our many images of Faraway (click images for larger versions).

How many times have we walked these trails? I always find something new.

Add goldens and it is even better!

Ted with Finn and Gemma: "Is that a deer we hear?"

Here is a link to a Google Map of Faraway so you can see just how “far away” we really are!

the sunlight through mixed forest

Finnegan in the meadow in winter

Gemma and Finn swimming in the Mattole River

Spring at Faraway brings patches of wild Douglas Iris

The pond plus golden

Foo in the meadow in spring 2010. In the background standing sentinel is one of the oldest Coastal Redwoods in the area-- probably 500+ years old. And the Whitethorn are in bloom!

October Gold

Ted off to take a ride plays a game of tug with Gemma first

Ted in the meadow with our neighbor Jon on Button

Foo sharing the couch with Ted

Gemma posing reluctantly on the trail. (we miss you Girlie!)



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