NEWSFLASH! Finnegan did it! Or should I say his kids did it… He is now a GRCA Outstanding Sire: Int’l CH Hyegold Midsumr Knights Dream CDX RAE TDX JH WC CCA VCX OS, ASCA-TD (AKC ptd.)!

Daughter Gilly (out of Ticket) earned 4 agility Qs in May to earn her AX and now AXJ– plus she earned her CDX as well! What a thrill for me– first the VCX and now the OS! Finn and his pups are carrying on the legacy of his own sire Yogi and dam Tango and the tradition of the multi-purpose, multi-talented conformationally correct golden retriever. His kids have already earned titles in every venue, including a conformation CH for his first kid to show in the breed ring, and they are all only three or younger. Of course we could not have achieved this title without the dedication and hard work of the breeders, owners, the wonderful dams, and of course the pups! Special thanks to breeders Connie Tuft (Jazz), Edwina Ryska (Ticket), Debi Best and Dee Dee and Billy Anderson (Merry), and Sarah Wright (Bella), and to owners Connie Tuft (Keesha), Debi Best (Pix), Kelley McNair (Kam), Trish Gonsalves and Suzanne Fortner (Hogan), and Becky and Ron Gatterdam (Gilly)!

Finn’s OS “ad” in the GR News!

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, the Golden Retriever Club of American recognizes outstanding producers with the title of Outstanding Sire or Dam, with requirements for a certain level of titles earned by the pups and a minimum number of points. For a sire that means 5 qualifying get and at least 48 points. You learn more here:

Here are Finnegan’s Qualifying Get:

Out of Emberain C Jazz Fly MX MXJ OD:

Jecon Life Is Good AX MXJ NF “Keesha” (7 points)
Jecon’s Kruizin’ Kamdyn MX MXJ MXF NW2 “Kamdyn” (9 points)

Out of Flaxen Fields Bella CCA:

CH Flaxen Fields Faraway Four Under Par CCA “Hogan” (9 points)

Out of OTCH Northwood Merry Moonsprite UDX7 OGM RE VER TDX OBHF ASCA-TD2:

DD’s Northwood Water Sprite TDX “Pix” (8 points)

Out of MACH Emberain E Ticket Ride MH WCX *** OD:

Emberain Wild Arctic Gillyflower CDX RA JH AX AXJ WC “Gilly” (17 points)

Additional Titled Get:

Out of MACH Emberain E Ticket Ride MH WCX *** OD:

Emberain Tanguero Ultimo JH NA NAJ WC “Tango”
Emberain Gemstone Dreamkeeper JH NA NAJ NF WC “Promise” aka “Missy”
Emberain Dove Of Masterpeace CDX GN RN CDX-C “Dove”

Out of Yaqui’s Holly:

Faraway’s Seventeen Sillybles RN CGC AKC ptd. (our own) “Haiku”

Out of OTCH Northwood Merry Moonsprite UDX7, OGM, RE, VER, TDX, OBHF, ASCA-TD2:

DD’s Serengeti Surfin’ Safari RN TD NA CGC ASCA-TD “Safari”
DD’s Spritely Knight and Day TD CGC “Elle”

Out of Flaxen Fields Bella CCA:

Flaxen Fields Flew the Coop Faraway TD “Cooper”

Out of Sandpoint Coast Two Coast NA NAJ FDM:

Arete’s One Knight Stand FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion) “Fling”

I am equally thrilled with his service and guide dog pups and those who were chosen as breeders for the service orgs. But MOST of all, I am happy that ALL his pups are well-loved and bringing so much joy to so many– what could be more important than that?

Artsy-Fartsy Finnegan

Finnegan is Int’l-CH Hyegold Midsumr Knights Dream CDX RAE TDX JH WC CCA VCX OS CGC ASCA-TD (AKC pointed), a golden retriever born Nov. 5, 2002.

His sire is the renowned “Yogi” and his dam the wonderful “Tango.

Puppy Foo helping in the garden

puppy Finn helping in the garden… at 10 weeks old

at 10 weeks old

Four months old, after his first swim!

two years old

at one year

Finnegan at one year old

wet Finn at two years old

Finnegan (aka “Foo”) is a wonderful dog with a “Let’s roll!” attitude toward life.  He exudes breed type, from the top of his handsome head to his thick, wagging tail. He is alert, trainable, biddable, and quickly forgives all my mistakes as a novice trainer. His temperament is lively and eager; he loves people and enjoys other dogs. Despite being “girl crazy,” he tries hard to be correct in all I ask of him.  He is always ready to go and do whatever I want, but settles easily with a reliable “on-off switch.” Finn is very toy motivated and loves all retrieve games — bringing me my slippers every morning and his dinner bowl at 5:00 p.m.

Proving quite early to be a diligent and enthusiastic tracker, Finnegan earned three tracking titles on first attempts by age two — and has even used his nose to detect skin cancer!  He did not begin field work until age three, but immediately showed himself to be an excellent marker and natural retriever with plenty of drive. Finn has also done well in obedience and rally– nationally ranked in the top ten Novice A sporting group (F&F), earning his CDX in one weekend his first time out (with two 1sts and a 2nd), as well as multiple 100s in rally on the way to his RAE in 10 straight trials. Currently we are beginning in agility, training in VST, and getting ready to debut in the utility ring. After earning his VCX at age 4, our next major goal is to earn the AKC versatility title VCD3.

An International  (IABCA) Champion with multiple Best of Breeds and Group placements, Finn is also AKC pointed. But it was soon clear that he did not enjoy the show ring (and the grooming that goes along with it), preferring more active pursuits that allow him to use his natural talents. This, combined with my unwillingness to send him off with a pro handler, convinced us to forego pursuing an AKC CH title. At age 3, Finn earned his GRCA Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) with strong scores and evaluations.

Finnegan is a moderate, compact, athletic golden with excellent muscularity and bone, extremely correct coat with ample feathering, lovely tail and tailset, and a gorgeous head with good ear length and unfading pigment. He wickets at 23 1/2″ and maintains a fit 70 pounds. Finn is not overdone in any way, balanced and short-coupled, with true movement both coming and going and a smooth sidegait — agile and light on his feet. He enjoys excellent health and a robust constitution with no allergies or skin problems.

With many litters of puppies on the ground, Finn is throwing his head, bone, coat, balance, athleticism, trainability, drive, spunk, and confidence in his get.

Here are links to Finnegan’s pedigree and clearances.

Finn is available at stud to complementary bitches via natural breedings, fresh collected, and frozen semen. Our breeding priorities are: correct temperament and structure (per the GRCA Breed Standard), longevity, soundness, retrieve instinct, and performance potential.

A portion of Finn’s stud fees are donated to golden retriever rescue and to helping homeless people care for their dogs.

Stacked at the National Specialty

stacked at the 2007 National

on the move

on the move

Lap dog!

Lap dog!

Earning a Junior Hunter leg

doing what he was bred to do

Proudly wearing his WC rosette

wearing his WC rosette (photo by Don McKee/Topflight)

Goofy Foo, sound asleep!

Goofy Foo, sound asleep!

Want more Goofy Foo? Check out this video: “Finnegan on a Roll”

Of all his activities, Finn’s favorites are running and retrieving in the field and swimming in the river and pond at Faraway. He also loves body surfing to fetch his bumper in the ocean!
Drippy Boy, highlighting his nice angles and balanced structure

After a swim in a cow pond — highlighting his nice angles and balanced structure

Wet Finn at the pond

at the pond, waiting for the bumper to be thrown

waiting for his bird

marking his bird

Finn in the field at Faraway, 2008

in the field at Faraway, 2008

Suz & Foo at Carmel Beach

Always on the ball

Please contact Suzanne for more information about  Finnegan.

Visit Finn’s Pups!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anney & Fisher
    Jan 18, 2009 @ 02:23:25

    Great picture of you & Finn at Carmel!
    I lived nearby in Salinas for 6 yrs, miss it SOOOOO much!
    Take care!


  2. Sunshine's Dinsdale of Florence
    Apr 10, 2010 @ 19:44:37

    Finn, it seems that we are cousins. We both share Elwood’s great grandfather, Beaumaris Sunshine Scotsman. Grandma Debbie Berry has a reunion for our family every summer. It would be great to see you there sometime!


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